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Máy làm đá Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q Ball

Mã sản phẩm : IM-65NE-Q Ball | Số lần xem 130
Khuyến mại : 119.370.000đ Giá niêm yết : 131.300.000đ Giá trên có thể thay đổi mà không báo trước !
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Máy làm đá Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q
Công suất tối đa: 26 Kg/ngày / Thùng chứa đá: 17kg

The Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q is a self-contained under counter ice maker producing clean, pure and perfectly round Ball Ice. It is suitable for placement in bars. Produces up to 26kg per 24 hours and has a storage capacity of 17kg.

Giving your drinks that special edge, the Hoshizaki Ice Ball Maker creates the perfect visual statement.

With an ice cube designed to melt slower, your drinks can be kept colder for longer. This stylish spherical shape reduces your ice balls from clumping together. 

Each ice sphere is individually made by a jet spray, creating ice with a high quality finish. Featuring a hygienic design, this closed cell ice making system automatically drains and refills after each new batch. This rinse and flush cycle ensures you always produce the freshest products, with less risk of contamination.

Create cocktails with the wow factor, ideal for highball or old fashioned glasses, this ice ball machine will never cease to amaze your clientèle!


Product Features:

·         Ball shape of ice approximately 45mm

·         Undercounter floor standing

·         Ideal for creating impressive, unique drinks for added POS

·         Easy maintenance, low water and energy consumption

·         Large storage bin with a high density foam insulation storage bin for longer lasting ice

·         Each ice ball individually made by a jet spray

·         Automatically drains and refills after each new batch, for fresh, hygienic ice 

·         Easily dismantled for cleaning

·         Closed water circuit offers the ultimate contamination protection

·     Hoshizaki ice makers are micro computer controlled, controlling the ice making process to perform at its best under varying circumstances, without having to make physical adjustments

·         A stainless steel exterior provides a hygienic and high quality finish

·    Foam injected polyurethane for insulation (JFC free), helps preserve the quality and consistency of the ice produced, reducing the number of production cycles

·    An easily cleanable air filter allows end users to carry out a routine cleaning schedule, extending product life expectancy and reducing the frequency and costs of maintenance call-outs

may lam da hosizaki im-65ne-q

Thông số kỹ thuật

Product Specification:

Máy làm đá IM-65NE-Q


WEIGHT: Net: 53kg/ Gross: 66kg

AC SUPPLY VOLTAGE:  220 - 240V / 50Hz/ 10Amps/ 1330W

DEMENSIONS(WxDxH): 700x500x1084(90-125mm)


AMBIENT: 1°C - 40°C

WATER TEMP: 5°C - 35°C



Air temp: 10°C Water Temp: 10°C - 26kg

Air temp: 21°C Water Temp: 15°C – 24kg

Air temp: 32°C Water Temp: 21°C - 20kg


FREEZE CYCLE:  33 mins                                                 



Xuất xứ: Hoshizaki – UK

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Đ/c: Số 8-LK1 Khu đô thị Xa la, P.Phúc La, Q.Hà Đông, TP Hà Nội
Điện thoại: 024.6686.7373   -  024.6259.7788
HP: 0983.84.15.16  - 0963.71.51.51

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